We understand auditing to be a success-oriented controlling and steering instrument as well as the basis of our consulting services.

As an auditing company we review the accounting and budgeting of companies of different sizes and complexity. We do not thereby restrict ourselves to the establishing of the formal and factual orderliness thereof in all relevant fields. As entrepreneurially thinking partners we, on this basis, open up room for manoeuvre from both a fiscal and commercial perspective and develop concepts for the future. As sparring partners we discuss entrepreneurial decisions with our clients at eye level.

Equipped with a qualified staff and state-of-the-art auditing software, we offer a broad spectrum of possible auditing services:

Year-end auditing according to national and international law for companies of all sizes, industries and legal forms.

Company assessments according to IDW S1, for example in connection with company acquisitions and sales or restructuring, in matters of inheritance or succession.

Special audits, for example in the context of certain structuring measures under corporate law, foundation of real capital or critical entrepreneurial situations including the review of reorganisation concepts.

The compilation of annual and group financial statements plus other calculations and information documents in conjunction with extensive reports and documentation.

IT-auditing taking into account the aspect of the cost efficiency and adequacy of IT-supported processes relevant to accountancy within the company.

Internal revision as a complement to the internal controlling system, also with a view to preventing malicious acts and irregularities.

Review of risk management systems for the timely identification of risks as well as the steering and monitoring of complex risk management systems.

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