Business Management Counselling – developing new opportunities from figures and circumstances.

Thanks to our broad-based competences and experience in a variety of different industries we support our clients in many areas of business management counselling. In the day-to-day supervision of our clients concepts and solutions to a variety of questions may be developed on the basis of our extensive insight into and knowledge of the respective company.

As consultants with an entrepreneurial way of thinking we contrast the various alternatives. To this end we, on the basis of substantive scenarios, demonstrate the fiscal and economic impacts on the company result or private fortune. On this foundation we then develop for our clients recommendations for their entrepreneurial decisions.

These services may be applied to a multitude of tasks:

Company-internal accounting system and controlling as management instruments by way of analyses, integrated planning, systematic reporting through to an effective system of reporting.

Company acquisition: counselling and implementation of transactions and company acquisitions including support in the acquisition strategy to be adopted in the purchasing/selling procedure.

Company planning for various purposes, e.g. as the holistic, integrated planning of cash-flows, results and balance sheets.

Restructuring of problem areas including the analysis and optimisation of the cash-flow and the development of alternatives and scenarios.

Company succession: counselling on the planning and realisation of the matter of succession within the family, in the company management or through external third parties.

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