Entrepreneurial mindset opens up diverse options for action

Figures are the mirror of economic success. Recording and interpreting all figures correctly is an essential part of our service. Reliability, integrity and trustworthiness are indispensable. The special added value of our expertise comes from our entrepreneurial mindset and extensive industry know-how. With a forward-looking, entrepreneurial vision, we thus open up clear options for the decision-making process.



Success-oriented consulting for medium-sized companies, family businesses and private individuals

The expertise and reliability of our advisory and other services are valued by our clients, as is the trusting, ongoing cooperation. With our generalist approach, we can optimally serve companies of very different sizes and from very different industries. We develop customised solutions for smaller companies with a turnover of 500,000 euros per year as well as for groups with well over 1,000 employees. At the same time, we are also valued by wealthy private individuals and families as trustworthy and discreet advisors.

Special solution competence for entrepreneurial families

As a family-run partner company, we have a special affinity and tried-and-tested expertise for the requirements of family and owner-managed businesses. Our focus is equally on the company and the shareholders themselves. In addition to owner-managed companies, our long-standing clients also include group companies, foreign companies with their domestic investments, asset management companies, holding companies and private individuals.

Differentiated solution competencies for a wide range of industries

We specifically open up our expertise to a broad spectrum of industries. For example, we serve companies in the automotive supply industry, steel trading and mechanical engineering, the steel processing industry, wholesale and retail, the food and pharmaceutical industries, management consultancies, law firms and a wide range of service companies from all sectors of the economy.



Clients also play the main role in our company's history.

Founded in Cologne in 1946 by Prof. Dr. Zacharias, personal, competent advice and trusting client care have been among the central services of our firm from the very beginning. The addition of tax consultant and auditor Dipl.-Kfm. Josef Demmer as a partner was soon reflected in the firm’s name, Zacharias & Demmer,

which is still used today. The expansion of the consulting services was followed by the foundation of West-Rhein-Treuhand Zacharias & Demmer oHG. With the arrival of auditor and tax consultant Dipl.-Kfm. Willi Engels as a further partner, we completed the first generation change in 1979.

Continuous rejuvenation of the partner circle

Since 2000, the responsibility and management of the jointly run consultancy firm has been gradually transferred to the next generation. Hans-Josef Demmer, certified public accountant and tax consultant, joined the firm as a partner in 2010, followed by Kai Arnold, certified public accountant and tax consultant, in 2017, Anke Nuppeney, certified public accountant, tax consultant and lawyer, and finally Andreas Schmitz, tax consultant, in 2022.

With the four partners, the firm has grown through numerous new mandates. At the same time, the new generation of partners has also continuously modernised the entire equipment of the law firm and, above all, focused on the latest IT technology.


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